Face and Neck Lift (Rhytidectomy)

Why Choose Face Lift Surgery

  • Many Aging Facial changes in Austin can be addressed by restoring volume to the face and performing skin resurfacing
  • Non-surgical options do not adequately address:
    •  lower face skin laxity (jowling) 
    •  platysmal banding and skin laxity of the neck

What is a Mini-Lift

  • Mini-Lift = Minimal Incision
  • This procedure can address jowling and tighten the skin of the submandibular region
  • An incision under the chin is required to address the submental region

What is a Neck Lift

  • Neck Lifting is usually incorporated into a combination lower face lift procedure
  • Neck Lifting Requires an incision to be carried farther back along the hairline or into the hairline

Combination Volume Augmentation

  • Dermal fillers can be used before or after Face Lift procedures to restore facial volume
  • Facial Fat transfer is a more permanent option that uses your own fat to provide volume where it has been lost

Combination Skin Resurfacing

  • Chemical Peels or Laser Skin Resurfacing can be performed before or during a Face Lift procedure to address skin texture issues and tighten the skin

Contouring Liposuction

  • Submental liposuction is used to reduce the fat collections under the chin and jowl
  • Small cannula liposuction can also be used anywhere else in the body to harvest fat for facial fat transfer

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