Hair Restoration

Medical and Non-surgical Therapy

Keep your natural hair

  • FDA approved topical and oral medications
  • Laser hair preservation
  • Injection Regenerative Therapy
    • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) 

Follicular Unit Transfer

  • The gold standard (strip procedure) for hair restoration
  • Best value option for individuals with medium to long hairstyles

Follicular Unit Extraction

  • State of the Art method of individually extracting each follicular unit
  • Less donor site scar visibility makes this the option of choice for short hairstyles.

Hair Restoration Philosophy

Surgeons Role

Dr. Eric Rosenberger is a Facial Plastic and Hair Restoration Surgeon in Austin who upholds the ISHRS commitment that only board certified Physicians should perform surgery on patients.

Hair Technicians Role

Hair Technicians are highly trained and valued members of the Hair Restoration team who assist the surgeon by individually inspecting, sorting, and placing every transferred follicle under the surgeon's guidance.

Medical Therapy Role

Hair Restoration Surgery in Lake Travis relies on strict adherence to medical management as directed by Dr. Eric Rosenberger. This is especially true for Male Pattern Baldness patients whose natural hair follicles atrophy when exposed to circulating male hormones (DHT).

Hair Restoration Patient Role

Dr. Eric Rosenberger believes patient education is vital for every Hair Restoration Surgery candidate in Austin to achieve the best results possible. Education is facilitated by open communication, interaction, and access to accurate medical literature at each office visit. 

Hair Restoration in Austin

Male Pattern Baldness Hair Loss

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